About Us

Robot Reels


Robot Reels was developed because of a gap in the industrial robot marketplace. In walking through manufacturing facilities nationwide, I witnessed teach pendant cables scattered on the floor around robot cells, causing potential tripping hazards.

Then in talking to maintenance personnel at these facilities, I heard countless stories of people tripping over the scattered cables, cables being walked on or run over by different types of equipment, or bad handling of the pendant and cable by the operators. All these conditions create an unnecessary safety hazard as well as costly downtime and maintenance costs.

    While cable reels already existed on the market, many were not built to the rugged industrial standards of these USA manufacturing facilities. So many companies just struggle with their existing solution of hanging the teach pendant cable and pendant on a hook.

    Until now.

    Robot Reels LLC has designed the reel you need in your plant!

    We designed our robot teach pendant cable reels from the ground up to withstand the toughest industrial environments, and last a long time! And we made it with your maintenance people in mind—our reels are Plug N Play, and if necessary you can change a defective cable out in 5 minutes right out on the line!

    At Robot Reels, we are proud to say all our reels are designed and manufactured here in Wisconsin!