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U. S. Patent No. 9,592,991
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ABB, KUKA, Nachi, Sepro Reels Design Information

Because these manufacturers make an integrated teach pendant with cable we usually sell our reels as Pigtail Only—15ft/5M cable to the controller cabinet, or any length the customer may want. The customer uses their tp cable/pendant with our reels. They plug their tp cable into the mating connector in the center of the reel.

Because of the integrated design of their tp cable/pendant, customers never change the cable out by itself, they just get an integrated cable/pendant from their MRO. No one is going to take apart a pendant out on the line and try to change the tp cable; there is no time to do this and besides its extremely difficult to do out on the line.

The mating connector in the center of the spool is connected to one side of the slip ring inside, while the pigtail cable is wired to the other side of the slip ring. When the customer plugs their tp cable into the reel’s center connector, the circuit is now complete.

If the customer has a defective tp cable they can unplug it from the center connector in the reel and plug a new tp cable in 5 minutes.


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