Siemens Reels

Robot Reels

Siemens Reels


Get Your Siemens Pendant Cables Off the Floor…

U. S. Patent No. 9,592,991
Get A Siemens Robot Reel!

Siemens Reels come with:

  • Medium gray paint or RAL9010 white paint
  • 15 ft (5 meter) pigtail cable
  • OEM connectors and cable
Siemens Reel Flyer

HT and MP Series Cable Reels

  • Can be purchased with or without TP cable
  • Can be purchased with 33ft (10 meter), 66ft (20 meter) or 100ft (30 meter) TP cable
  • Can easily hold up to 100 ft (30 meter) of TP cable


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