Pendant Armor

Robot Reels

Stay protected. Stay productive.

Manufacturers simply cannot afford to lose valuable production time.

So, when someone drops a teach pendant, the floor supervisor’s anger and frustration all leads to one conclusion: ‘production just stopped and I cannot afford the downtime.’

The ultimate shock absorbing teach pendant frame.

Introducing Pendant Armor®

Lightweight Design
The perforated, open-backed Pendant Armor® design minimizes additional weight without sacrificing critical protection.
Shock Absorbing Material

Manufactured from shock-absorbing, chemical resistant, Santoprene™, Pendant Armor® guards the teach pendant from drops, spills, and extreme manufacturing conditions.

Proactive Protection
Pendant Armor® protects the exposed components most often damaged when the pendant hits the ground.
Tailored Fit

Pendant Armor® is designed and engineered to allow for custom molding around each OEM’s unique pendant architecture, no matter the size or the shape.

Pendant Armor®

Proactive Protection.

Since 1993, Roboworld® has been protecting robots in extreme manufacturing environments. As a matter-of-fact, we cut our teeth in the industry’s toughest automation applications.

We’re leveraging this experience to solve an industry-wide problem that has plagued users for over 40 years.

Introducing Pendant Armor®, the first patented, mass-produced shock-absorbing frame designed to protect teach pendants.

It’s the OtterBox® for industrial robot teach pendants… and it’s about time.

It’s time to protect your entire investment.

Further Protection.

Touch-Sensitive Screen Protectors
Pre-cut to your specific screen size, these Polyethylene Terephthalate overlays are designed to protect against abrasion, oils and greases, and are guaranteed to perform with your touch screens.
Cradle Adaptor
Safely store your “bumpered” pendant in its OEM cradle using our adaptor.
Replacement Teach Pendant Hanger
Unbreakable, high density polyethylene (HDPE)
hanger, designed with an enlarged opening to
accommodate gloved hands.
Cable Cuff
The Santoprene™ cable cuff cushions and
protects the knurled connection of the teach
pendant cable.


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